Cold-pressed oils

Condiments, vegetables

Cold-pressed oils

Condiments, vegetables

Did you know what oils are good for?

  • The curative power of plants
  • Nature’s ancient healing power resides in plants. The trust put in their blessed effects and the magnificent experiences gained lots of enthusiastic admirers. Nowadays the world of medicine also accepts the veracity of these effects. We can say that herbs are the unfailing resources for nature’s pharmacy.

  • Why use oils?
  • The human health is depending on the certain lifestyle is lived and the nourishment. Many illnesses can be prevented, reversed by the boost and upkeep of our body by consistently supplying necessary and even missing nutrition. Extruded vegetable oils or even more the inherent unsaturated fatty acids and various vitamins (A, D, E, F, B17) play a great part in the conservation of our health and in the prevention form ills.

We created our special SOLIO extruded vegetable oil-family considering the above mentioned facts. With the use of these oils anyone can make tasteful meals easily and quickly. Our products are not recorded as curative products but the health-giving effects may be experienced many times.

  • How should we use oils?
  • Vegetable oils are essential components of our foods; we use them since the ancient times. Certain amount of fat is necessary and crucial for the human body to function and to maintain health. Although ingesting much more fat and vegetable oil than needed can lead to obesity, metabolic, cardiac, circulation diseases and tumour problems or joint complains. Therefore we suggest the consumption of quality vegetable oils in a reduced amount, preferably maximum 2-3 teaspoons a day. For the desired effect the mixing of various types of oils is recommended.

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About Us

We founded our company in 1986, with three associates and with a profile as a vegetable oil producing company. At the beginning we operated as an economic association, and only as a part-time job. After that period, from 1988 we continued our business as a main job, and in 1991 we transformed into an Ltd. We produce vegetable oils from oily seeds with a special extrusion method at our factory. The advantage of this method contrary to the industrial procedure is that the oils in this case are free from heat treatment, solvents and chemicals. We recognized that a healthy diet increasingly requires the humane production of vegetable oils, which is the reason why we extended our product line and our factory from year to year. As a result of the above mentioned our producing capacity is now up to 5000 litres of oil per day. Currently we are on the market with 18 different oils (for example sunflower, skinless squash seed, linseed, corn seed, wheat seed, pepper seed, oneothera seed) as own products. In the interest of the curative power of our oils we try to find the best substrate possible, therefore we support, finance and supervise the culture of oily seeds. Customers can find our products in reform stores. You can find several cosmetic companies among our customers. We are also one of the certified suppliers of the Debrecen –based medicine factory, TEVA Gyógyszertár Zrt.

We realized our developments mainly form own funds, but recently we managed to win FM tenders as well. We emphasize our quality management; we constantly improve our HACCP system since 2002. In 1990 we started to export our products (to Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden), proving that these products are competitive in abroad as well.

We proud
  • The yearly income of our company in 2015 was 443 million forints, with the contribution of 18 associate workers.
  • In 2008 we started to produce and deal oils from bio-squash and bio-sunflower seed oils in our factory.
  • In 2007 we registered under the supervision of Biokontroll Hungária.