Production technology

Find out the details of our cold extrusion technology!

Our products serve a healthy diet and nourishment. We also produce spiced oils in various flavours. These oils are available in commerce. Our curative oils are used in the medicine and cosmetics industry. We execute developments in every year to guarantee the constant and great quality of our products. Modern dietetics and economics play a huge part in these developments, so as the requirements of environment protection.

The way of the raw material from the soil to the processor.

We buy the most of the seeds for procession from Hungarian growers, or we lay them from our certified, assorted seeds. It has a great effect on the curative oil procession. The harvest is executed by hand or by machine. After cleaning, drying and the selection of the harvested seeds, a lab examination follows. When it is finished, the certified seeds will end up in a closed tank, from which the procession method will start according to orders. The seeds for procession are grew from our certified assorted seeds. It has a great effect on the curative oil procession. The seeds will be processed without their shell, as a clean seed.

The advantages of the cold extrusion technology

Thanks to this procedure the retrieved oils will preserve vitamins and the original flavour. During this method all of the active substances will stay intact get into the oil. These oils are free from any kinds of heat treatments, solvers and chemicals; therefore they are biologically much more valuable.

HACCP certification
  • HACCP system to the 2002nd működtetjük.1990 has been going on. continued from export sales, is engaged (Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic) which demonstrates that our products are competitive in foreign markets.
Biokontroll Hungary
  • In 2007, Hungary logged in to Biokontroll control. In our factory the 2008th year, started the organic pumpkin seed oil and organic sunflower oil production and distribution.