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  1. First, on the web page you may choose the item you would like to purchase than click on the "add to cart" button at the bottom of the page. Now this item is in your shopping cart. Basically only one item will appear in the cart. If you would like to buy a larger amount from the particular product, than you can easily edit the required number of products in the quantity box which you may find also int he bottom of the page.

    You can always give an eye to the contents of your shopping cart at the right side of your screen.

    If you click on the Cart icon, you can easily follow up the data of the items you have chosen. Here you may also change the quantities perviously set. In case of change in the number of items, please click on the "Refresh" button to help us recalculate the grand total in HUF according to the current amount.

    If you have changed your mind or just put accidentally an item into the shopping cart, here you have the option to cancel item(s) as well by clicking the "Remove" button.

    When you are ready to purchase your item(s), than the next step is to click on the "Checkout Now" button.

  2. In order to place an order it is necessary for you to log in to our site as a user and create an account. First, you need to register by answering preference questions. Than later you can log in with your username and password anytime. We guarantee that your personal informaions will be used only for the accomplishment of your order. New customers must accept Terms and Conditions before using the shop.

  3. On the "Checkout" page customers must answer preference questions before proceeding through checkout. Filling out fields marked with * are obligatory and necessary for you to be able to create an account or login as a user to purchase item(s). Please carefully fill out and verify the registration form avoiding the discomfiture due to misdirection.

    The purchased products can be recieved at our site. On the Checkout page you can request the shipping of your products.

    The next step is to choose the payment method. The options are bank-transfer or usage of credit cards.

    Paying with credit card:

    The PayPal`s system is securing the acceptance of credit cards for the Solioetolaj webshop by safe, SSL protocol using system. If you are going to pay by credit card you will be redirected to the PayPal paying site. Instead of this webshop the payment method will be performed on a page directly sustained and functioned by the PayPal. This payment-page is operating according to the rules and safety specifications of international card companies. Therefore the Solioetolaj webshop will not be able to learn any data about your card neither your account number or expiration date.

    After you have decided please click on the "Proceed to place order" button to continue.

  4. On the Place Order page you can re-check your items and their attributes. If everything is find OK please click on the "Place order" button to send your order.

  5. Now your shopping procedure is finished. Thank you for your purchase and we hope you will return!